The Academy of Advanced Practice Chiropractic Medicine (AAPCM) is a coalition between educational institutions, individual chiropractic physicians, regulatory agencies, and certification boards. This coalition promotes the advancement of chiropractic through education, certification, and legislation.

AAPCM particularly supports advanced training and certification in the area of pharmaceutical modalities to interface with traditional chiropractic treatment. Though AAPCM is not a “single issue” organization, our primary focus is to help organize shareholders who advocate enhanced practice particularly in the area of prescription rights. We believe that with continuing education, chiropractor prerequisites, and medical standardization, prescriptions can safely be administered within the chiropractic field to the benefit of patients.

AAPCM is a clearinghouse and resource for groups and individuals working to expand the scope of chiropractic practice through education and legislation.

AAPCM can point to our stellar charter membership list to demonstrate its credibility. The credentials of our members establish the diversity and expertise of AAPCM. You will see among our organization the names of tried and true leaders who have fought for the profession over many years, and who continue to do so. Now is the time for all like-minded chiropractic physicians to join the charge for progress.

AAPCM is an affiliate member and a section of the Association of Health Sciences Colleges and Universities, an educational collaboratory.

Individuals, institutions and associations are welcome to affiliate with us and share resources.



  • AAPCM provides a home for all who are working towards advanced practice for the chiropractic profession.
  • Membership is your way of joining with others and strengthening advocacy towards advancing the chiropractic profession into the future.  With pooled resources, we will be able to accomplish state and jurisdictional legislative changes that would otherwise be impossible on an individual basis.
  • Membership will create a powerful political organization that will act as the voice for advanced practice worldwide.
  • Membership will bring together individual advanced practice advocates into a cohesive whole that will move chiropractic forward despite any opposition.

Please join with us in working towards chiropractic’s future.  Your membership makes AAPCM strong and helps us accomplish our goals.

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