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The Academy of Advanced Practice Chiropractic Medicine is the international clearinghouse for legislative and cultural advancement of chiropractic scope of practice. We assist any state or jurisdiction desiring advancement by providing resources for that process.

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Patient centered care

Education and training
as a means to scope expansion

Evidence informed practices

Interprofessional collaboration

Professional integrity

The holistic, conservative approach
native to chiropractic medicine



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AAPCM is a clearinghouse and consortium for those actively working to expand the scope of practice of chiropractic physicians globally. Through education and legislation we seek to increase participation in our modern health care system.

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Multiple pathways through CCE accredited institutions for advanced scope of practice.


Modeling of legislative initiatives for expansion of chiropractic licensure.


Intra and interprofessional collaborative efforts yielding extraordinary results.

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Here at the Academy of Advanced Practice Chiropractic Medicine, our goal is to promote chiropractic legislation and continuing chiropractic education through our organization by expanding scope of practice through chiropractic programs.

Quick History And Overview:

AAPCM came from the merging of two separate chiropractic organizations dedicated to promoting the field within the medical community, the American Academy of Chiropractic Physicians (AACP, formed in 1999) and the Academy of Chiropractic Physicians (ACP, formed in 2014). In 2015, both organizations merged under the AACP trademark, but in 2017 re-branded under the current name, the Academy of Advanced Practice Chiropractic Medicine (AAPCM).

The AAPCM is proud to be one of the organizational homes within the Association of Health Sciences Colleges and Universities (AHSCU), a non profit corporation collaborating with educational institutions across the nation to increase the scope of practice for both emerging and accepted fields of practice.

Our goal is to promote the field of chiropractics through chiropractic programs, legislation and continuing education to create plenary standards and practices, including the ability to write prescriptions when education and certification level allow for it. Our goals are to further recognition of the field and advanced practice, develop clinical training standards, build our membership, and promote our values of patient centered care, professional integrity, evidence based practices and inter-professional collaboration.


Your membership provides the resources necessary for political action.  We thank you for your show of support and welcome your membership.  Please pass this website on to your progressive thinking colleagues.

AAPCM is an authoritative clearinghouse for individuals and groups in the chiropractic industry trying to further the field within the larger medical community. By standardizing chiropractic education and pushing for sensible chiropractic legislation, we hope to promote evidence based standards to further benefit our patients health and well being.

You can read more about our organization and chiropractic programs. If you have any questions, feel free to call one of our knowledgeable representatives today.