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Academy of Advanced Practice Chiropractic Medicine

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Mission Statement

The advancement of chiropractic medicine to meet the needs of our patients.


  1. Personal and professional integrity
  2. Patient centered care
  3. Evidence informed practices
  4. Education and training
  5. Inter-professional collaboration


The Academy is organized and shall be administered and operated to accomplish the following purposes:

  1. Provide the home for scope of practice initiatives through education and legislation
  2. Advocate for advanced licensure, based upon education and certification
  3. Develop, in collaboration with higher education institutions, education and clinical training for advanced scope of practice


  1. To be the home for advanced scope of practice initiatives
  2. To advocate for recognition of advanced practice
  3. To develop advanced clinical training
  4. To develop organizational membership
  5. To promote The Academy’s mission and values
people learning


Multiple pathways through CCE accredited institutions for advanced scope of practice.

Legislative Building


Modeling of legislative initiatives for expansion of chiropractic licensure.



Intra and interprofessional collaborative efforts yielding extraordinary results.