AAPCM is the international clearinghouse for individual states in regards to the advancement of chiropractic scope of practice.

    • We support advanced practice chiropractic medicine by fostering quality education, legislation, and participation in the health care system for the benefit of society.
    • AAPCM works with educational institutions to develop advanced practice education for chiropractic physicians.  We connect those interested in advanced practice chiropractic with those institutions.
    • Our legislative consultant has a proven record in chiropractic scope of practice enhancement.  We are available to coach your state or jurisdiction’s lobbyist on the chiropractic legislative process and possibilities for improvement.
    • We are assembling chiropractic leaders working to modernize the philosophy, science, and art of chiropractic medicine.
    • We are validating the concept that advanced practice chiropractic  is a natural and logical extension of our profession and will benefit the public.
    • AAPCM speakers are available for meetings and events.


    • To educate the chiropractic profession and the public about the merits of advanced chiropractic practice through media outreach.
    • Provide lobbyist support of legislative initiatives.
    • Provide a speaker’s bureau for promoting advanced practice chiropractic.
    • Funding of educational outreach via exhibiting AAPCM at conferences and conventions