The American Academy of Chiropractic Physicians (AACP) was originally formed in 1999 by Dr. Reimer Kremer, Dr. James Winterstein and others for the purpose of promoting the advancement of education for primary care chiropractic practice. In 2014, a separate group of chiropractic physicians came together to form an organization, originally called the Academy of Chiropractic Physicians (ACP).

The ACP was created for and dedicated to advancing the profession of chiropractic towards plenary licensure and other advanced scopes of practice. In 2015, after discussion and agreement between the two organizations, the original AACP was dissolved and ACP took over the AACP trademark.  In 2017, the AACP Board of Directors voted to change the name to The Academy of Advanced Practice Chiropractic Medicine (AAPCM), a name that better and more completely reflects our mission and goals.

AAPCM is now one of the organizational homes of the Association of Health Sciences Colleges and Universities (AHSCU), a corporation formed in 2012 whose mission is to foster collaboration among diverse health sciences education institutions and professions leading towards improved quality and cost effectiveness in medical and health sciences education, research, and patient care. AHSCU values optimization of practice scopes, including the training of primary health care professionals.