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Here at the Academy of Advanced Practice Chiropractic Medicine (AACPM), we strive to promote certain values within the field of chiropractics: professional integrity, inter-professional collaboration, evidence informed practices, standardized education and training, and patient centered care.

Our goal is to elevate the field of chiropractic care within the medical community using the same standards of peer review and scientific method available to the community at large. We do this by building up inter-professional chiropractic communities, promoting continuing chiropractic education, and implementing sensible chiropractic legislation.

AAPCM and the ACA

The Academy of Advanced Practice Chiropractic Medicine (AAPCM) and the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) are two separate organizations. We at the AACPM recognize the ACA as the leader of chiropractic care organizations nationally, acting as lobbyist and watchdog for federal laws restricting chiropractic care and its benefits to patients.

In contrast, we at the Academy of Advanced Practice Chiropractic Medicine were formed to create change at the level of state legislation. We believe that increasing the scope of practice within the chiropractic field can only be done starting with like minded physicians, colleges, and universities beginning at the city and state level. Unlike the ACA, AAPCM promotes prescriptive rights for the chiropractic profession, as long as practitioners meet certain chiropractic prerequisites.

Through continuing chiropractic education, state legislative initiatives, and community and professional organization, the AAPCM is working with leaders in the field to increase scope of practice in order to maximize patient care and standardize methodology. Check out some of our chiropractic educational and legislative initiatives that we hope will lay the groundwork for establishing proper learning methods in the future.

Our Board

Our Board of Directors constitutes a diverse and highly credentialed cross section of chiropractic physicians dedicated to advancing our profession into plenary and other forms of advanced chiropractic licensure.

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Multiple pathways through CCE accredited institutions for advanced scope of practice.


Modeling of legislative initiatives for expansion of chiropractic licensure.


Intra and interprofessional collaborative efforts yielding extraordinary results.