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AAPCM  is working with AHSCU and its member institutions to develop and promote collaborative teaching and clinical education for students and chiropractic physicians who wish to expand their scope of practice in their respective states and jurisdictions.

AAPCM supports the right of a chiropractic physician to practice at the highest level of education attainable for the health and well being of all patients.

AAPCM believes that chiropractic education should be held to the highest standards of evidence based practice and not limited by historical beliefs and questionable science. Such dogmatic views we perceive to be a major road block in the growth of chiropractics and the well being of its patients. Instead, we would rather chiropractor be under the scrutiny of the scientific method, where premises can be validated or disproved rather than categorically ignored. One aspect of this would come through legislation, another through collaboration, but chiropractic educational initiatives lay the groundwork for proper learning methods.

Requirements to be a chiropractor and education for chiropractors should be in sync, and part of our educational initiatives involve combining our chiropractic education and legislation initiatives seamlessly.


Multiple pathways through CCE accredited institutions for advanced scope of practice.


Modeling of legislative initiatives for expansion of chiropractic licensure.


Intra and interprofessional collaborative efforts yielding extraordinary results.