The Association of Health Sciences Colleges and Universities (AHSCU) is an emerging assembly of colleges and universities that is committed to inter-professional collaboration in the health sciences. Its aspirations include discovering and facilitating:

  • Operational efficiencies among health sciences institutions through selective resource sharing.
  • Improvements in integrative health sciences education methodologies and outcomes.
  • Optimal compatibility of health sciences education and scope of practice.

AHSCU is an Illinois not-for-profit, membership corporation established in 2012 in accordance with section 501(c)6 of the 1986 Internal Revenue Service Code. Its Institutional Members are accredited institutions of higher education. Its Board of Directors is comprised of representatives from its Institutional Members. It is organized into three functional sections consistent with its mission and aspirations. These sections are:

  • Operational Efficiency
  • Integrative Education
  • Practice Optimization (the organizational home for advanced practice initiatives – where AAPCM resides)

Some of the Approved Corporate Activities:

  • Foster the training of primary health care professionals.
  • Assist providers in expanding scopes of practice consistent with their training.
  • Inform policy-making and regulatory bodies regarding the qualifications of member institutions to educate expanded scope health care professionals.
  • Elevate integrative, conservative, patient-centered health service providers to optimally function within the health care delivery system.